Our Story

Drytunes is the world's first totally environment-proof, high fidelity Bluetooth® audio speaker with safe and secure dry interior storage available to consumers.  With more than 400 cubic inches of internal dry storage the user can safely keep phones, cameras, tablets, wallets, keys, and other valuables dry while enjoying their music in any environment. When closed, Drytunes is 100% dust-proof and submergible in water (rated IP-67). It floats with the lid (speaker) facing up or down, and can be controlled wirelessly by any bluetooth-enabled device (or by non-bluetooth enabled devices via an internal auxiliary input). Finally, high-fidelity audio can be enjoyed above and BELOW the surface of the water while keeping your valuables safe and dry inside the device!

Drytunes is perfect for the beach, pool, hunting, fishing, camping, kayaking, tubing, paddle-boarding, snorkeling, or wherever your adventure takes you!

How it all happened...

Drytunes was invented by motion picture camera assistant Aeron McKeough, who saw the need for a rugged and portable audio system to be used on remote shooting locations with harsh environments.  Combining his background in mechanical engineering and passion for all things hi-fi, Aeron began working on the first drytunes prototype in January of 2011.  

Aeron McKeough's original drytunes prototype. January, 2011.
Aeron McKeough's original drytunes prototype. January, 2011.
An early drytunes prototype using off-the-shelf components.
By March of 2012, he had created a fourth prototype of the speaker that he demonstrated to friend and cameraman, Michael Applebaum while working on a network reality television show in the Philippines.
Aeron McKeough demonstrated his drytunes prototype to Michael Applebaum on this beach in The Philippines in March of 2012. Later that day, the two snorkeled the reef while listening to music underwater, with Aeron's smartphone stored inside of the device.
Applebaum immediately realized the potential of the device and enlisted the help of friend and attorney Cameron Mary to initiate the process of securing a patent and advancing the engineering and design of the drytunes speaker. The newly formed team of McKeough, Applebaum, and Mary formed C-Level Technology, LLC in April of 2012 and began enlisting the services of designers and engineers to advance the product development.
Final design implementations include a custom molded interior with built-in storage for all current smartphone models.
Shock (bungee) cord prevents excessive movement of phones, wallets, keys, etc. that are stored inside of drytunes.

Each drytunes speaker also comes with two layers of pick and pluck foam, allowing the user to customize the interior storage compartment for a multitude of items.
Foam interior customized for wine...
...or photo equipment...
...or tech gadgets!


Drytunes Mandeville, Louisiana Production Facility

All drytunes units are assembled by hand at the Company’s 2500 square foot production facility in Mandeville, Louisiana. 

We have streamlined the assembly process by designing our components to be mechanically fastened (i.e., there is no soldering involved).   Additionally, by using industrial adhesives we eliminate the need to drill into or puncture the case.  Therefore, the structural integrity of the case remains intact and comes with a lifetime warranty against breakage (there is a 90-day warranty on the electronics).

As the units make their way from one assembly station to the next, components are put in place, and individual units are tested, packaged, and warehoused on-site for delivery to the end user.  Product fulfillment and inventory logistics will be handled in house by our team of operations personnel.
Drytunes packaging design.

Drytunes has been tested in real-world environments for the past three years.  The response from the public has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.
Drytunes makes a big splash at the 2013 Hangout Music Festival.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring this game-changing device to the mainstream.  Where will you take your drytunes?  And more importantly, where will drytunes take YOU!
Drytunes loves the ocean!
Drytunes. Crystal clear below the surface.
Livin' the drytunes dream!
Drytunes. Your music, everywhere.



Michael Applebaum, Founding Partner and Board Member

Michael Applebaum has spent his entire 24-year career in the film production industry. In the past 10 years, Michael has worked as a cinematographer and camera operator on more than 50 major studio feature films and TV movies, and hundreds of episodes of network television programs. Applebaum is a six-time Primetime Emmy Award nominee, and won the Emmy for outstanding cinematography in both 2009 and 2010. 

Prior to his work in film, Michael received a Bachelors of Science degree in Chemistry with a concentration in Broadcast Journalism from Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia in 1990. During the course of his career he has been employed by advertising agencies, network TV affiliates, and production companies. He has been a freelance cameraman in the feature film and episodic TV world for the past 20 years.  Today, Applebaum resides in Mandeville, Louisiana with his wife and three children. He is an Executive Board Member of The International Cinematographer’s Guild, and a voting member of The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. He is also a member of the Consumer Electronics Association, and The Bluetooth Service Industry Group. 

Aeron McKeough, Founding Partner, Board Member, and Inventor

Aeron McKeough is an audiophile who was never satisfied with speaker solutions on the market and decided to make his own.  Inspired by on-location camerawork, which is often isolating and open to the elements, Aeron conceived of the idea for drytunes 3 years ago.  Since that time, he has worked diligently to perfect its design in cooperation with a professional product engineer and industrial designer.

Aeron has worked as an assistant cameraman in the film industry for the past seven years.  Before working in the film, Aeron studied mechanical engineering and biology at The University of Southwest Louisiana. 

Cameron Mary, Founding Partner and Board Member

Cameron is a graduate of Loyola University and Loyola Law School in New Orleans. He has been a practicing attorney for 16 years. For the past seven years, Cameron and his wife have established a thriving litigation firm in Mandeville named Brown & Mary, LLC. Founded in 2006, Brown & Mary has represented close to a thousand clients, ranging from individuals to major insurance companies. In this capacity, Cameron Mary has hired and managed office personnel, engaged in aggressive marketing efforts regionally, and all other functions required of an entrepreneur/attorney.

He received a Bachelors Degree from Loyola University with a double major in psychology and history.  Cameron resides in Mandeville, Louisiana with his family.

Jean Champagne, Chief Executive Officer

Jean Champagne earned degrees from the University of New Orleans and Loyola University School of Law in New Orleans, and is an attorney, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner and LEED Accredited Professional. Mr. Champagne has provided legal, accounting, financial, and general business consulting services to a number of start-up business ventures in the banking, hospitality, housing, real estate development, disaster recovery, and professional services industries. He is a member of the American Planning Association, the Urban Land Institute, the American Public Works Association, the Trust for Public Land, the United States Green Building Council, the American Bar Association, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Chris Bonner, Director of Sales

Chris Bonner is a native of New Orleans. He went to Jesuit High School and attended Louisiana State University, where he received a BA in Psychology. Chris has been in advertising sales for 19 years. He was an Account Executive for an NBC affiliate in Baton Rouge and most recently served as Senior AE for Charter Media. At Charter, he was responsible for local as well as national accounts. He has won numerous "Top Biller in the Nation" awards and several national sales contests. Additionally, Chris won the "Peak Performer " award 5 years in a row, - an award for reaching sales above and beyond the other sales reps in a budget category.

Jonathan Maki, Director of Marketing

Jonathan Maki, who completed his MBA with a focus in digital media in 2009, brings years of experience working in brand development and marketing strategy with a cross-section of clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. He holds a BBA in Marketing from The University of Mississippi and currently resides in New Orleans, LA.


Case Colors (Black, Olive Drab, Safety Yellow)