Drytunes in the news:

Video News Segments:

1.) WVLA NBC 33-Baton Rouge, Reporter Danielle Grossman   "Local men develop new device that plays music underwater: only one of its kind"
2.) ABC - News with a twist "Underwater Music with New Orleans Invention – Drytunes"

3.) WWL Eyewitness Morning News "Drytunes is the answer for music lovers who like to be near water"

Print and Online:

1.) Digital Trends Magazine (digitaltrends.com)  "Take your music into the rapids with Drytunes."

2.) Kayak Angler Magazine (rapidmedia.com)  "FRESH CATCH: DRYTUNES WATERPROOF SPEAKERS: Listen to your music and store your essentials with the same rugged tool.""

3.) Boating Magazine (boatingmag.com)  "2014 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: GIFTS OVER $100: Find the perfect gift over $100 for your favorite boater.""


5.) Siliconbayounews.com "First Environment-Proof Speaker to Be Manufactured in Mandeville"

6.) 225 Magazine (Baton Rouge) "Key note speakers"

7.) The Advocate (Baton Rouge) "La. entrepreneurs develop Drytunes durable, waterproof case"